Our goal at Baako Bengals is to produce kittens that are extremely well socialized and comfortable in any home.  All of our Bengals seem very content and happy - this temperament is reflected in our kittens.  From birth on, our kittens are handled many times each day, and by the time they are 4-5 weeks of age, they come running to us for attention, cuddling and play time.  It is our goal that all of our kittens leave here as secure, happy kittens, that will grow into calm content adults.
When our kittens get a little older, we allow them to run free throughout the house with the family and the adult cats for most of each day.  Although this time is limited while they are learning to use the litter boxes, in order to avoid forming bad habits, and to help them adjust to being confined, as being confined may be necessary at certain specific times for their health and safety. 
We simply go about our daily activities such as:  vacuuming, doing the laundry, cooking, watching TV, (anything noisy) etc.... therefore our kittens lose their fear of loud noises and normal daily household activities.  Adults, teenagers, and small children often visit, and we encourage our visitors to hold and play with the kittens.  Exposure to people, sites and sounds results in our kittens being well socialized.  This is extremely important to us, because when our kittens leave here, we want them to go to their new homes happy and secure ~ and remain that way!
As a responsible breeder, we believe in the importance of testing for Trichomonas foetus.  Our cats have tested negative for Trichomonas foetus.  We will continue to test our cats periodically.
Our Raw Diet
5 lbs. ground meat - this can be turkey, chicken, rabbit, pheasant, quail or mixed meats - preferably with bone, if you use meat with no bone - add calcium
1 lb ground chuck or roast meat
1 lb chicken hearts and liver (partially cooked for mixing)
1 can pure pumpkin
4 big romaine lettuce leaves
4 egg yolks
4 tbls. of a good supplement with calcium and taurine
3 capsules salmon oil or a tsp. of fish oil

Grind all raw meat and organ meat together with romaine lettuce. Then add pumpkin supplements and egg yolk. Mix well and freeze in desired feeding portions.

For those who do not want to feed a completely raw diet we can also recommend the following diet; Innova Dry and canned cat food, Chicken Soup dry and canned food and also Wellness canned food. Along with this, the kittens receive chicken, turkey, beef, venison, rabbit and organ meats with added supplements, both cooked and raw. After many years of working with cats we have found that the more meat they receive the healthier they tend to be. Please feed as much meat as possible! Cats are true carnivores and they depend on a high protein meat diet to be in the best health.

Below our Bengals enjoying our raw diet!
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