Located in Mora, MN.

Captivated by "Little Leopards"

My first encounter with a Bengal Cat left me simply enchanted. This was no ordinary cat; this was a real "little leopard" straight out of the jungle! A "little leopard" that purred at me! From that moment on I was captivated and had to know how this breed came to be. I spent the next few years wishing, reading and learning all I could about Bengals, simply fascinated by these "little leopards."

I am now, of course, the proud owner, or shall I say, "I am now owned" by some beautiful Bengal Cats. Baako means "moon in the water." I chose this name because every time I look at my Bengals I am reminded of the African jungle at night. I can see them stalking through the jungle in the moon light, playing in the water...until they jump into my lap and remind me they are really just my kitties!

Thanks to the many dedicated breeders out there and their hard work with the Bengal Cats, I was able to obtain my beautiful cats and get a good solid start with my own breeding program. I am a Veterinary Technician by trade and all of my cats receive the best possible care. All of our breeder cats are FIV/FELV test and negative. We are a TICA registered cattery located in Minnesota.

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